This artisan BWM 316i Compact hides a 400 hp V12 and is looking for an owner

Norway is the electric car paradise, or so they say. It is true that with an overwhelming market share, gasoline cars are hardly sold anymore. But that does not mean that Norway does not like cars. Proof of it, this BMW 316i con motor V12 400 hp handcrafted by a Norwegian in his garage. And now it’s for sale.

This 1994 BMW 316i is more than just a modest Serie 3 Compact with M3 body kit. It is only suitable for those who like strong emotions: driving a 3 Series Compact almost 30 years ago with a 400 hp V12 is not exactly like driving an electric. In addition, as published in its ad, this car is the work of a private individual.

Winters are long in Norway and you have to keep busy. So, one fine day 16 years ago our Norwegian mechanic decided to combine the smallest BMW on the market with the fattest engine of the contemporary brand, his 316i. But beware, this is not the typical swap made on a Kentucky farm where you drop a Chevrolet V8 LS on any car already running. East swap It is so clean that one might think that it is the work of Hartge o de BMW.

According to its creator, the humble 102 hp BWM 316i was completely disassembled, leaving the monocoque chassis bare. He widened the rear track and used the M3 E46 suspensions Front and behind. And when we say suspensions we are not talking about shock absorbers and springs. No, we are talking about the suspension arms, especially at the rear.

Look of BMW M3 and heart of BMW 850 CSi

BMW 316i Compact V12

While the Compact E36, let us remember, used the same McPherson scheme at the front as the rest of the E36 range, at the rear it had inherited from the suspension of the previous BMW 3 Series E30, that is, a semi-trailed arm scheme. For his Compact E36 V12, our Norwegian mechanic wanted a suspension similar to that of the M3 E36.

The masterpiece of this conversion is undoubtedly the engine. Its about V12 that equipped the mythical BMW 850 CSi. Of a displacement of 5.6 liters, the V12 retouched by BMW M then delivered 380 hp at 5,300 rpm, although here, we are assured that it delivers 400 CV. It is associated with a 6-speed manual transmission that sends all the power and torque exclusively to the rear wheels.

BMW 316i Compact V12 motor

Aesthetically, this Compact V12 sports the body kit of a BMW M3 E36 and replica Hartge wheels (the famous tuner no longer exists). On board, we find an M3 bucket seats, as well as a dashboard and door panels also from the M3.

Car on sale in Norway, with a price of 299,000 crowns, about 29.000 euros, and just over 100,000 km. For price it is a real bargain, but it has the problem of homologation. It is one of those cars that, by age, is in limbo waiting to turn 30 and be able to import it as a historic car.

BMW 316i Compact V12

Remember that since 2007, a car must have a homologation password. If you do not have it, and it is your case as it is a handmade creation, you have to give one in Spain. And that means passing a CO2 emission control, which this car would hardly pass.

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