Voice-controlled bathroom systems, one of Kohler’s strengths for this CES 2022

In addition to Samsung, at CES 2022 there are also other companies that are standing out for their interesting products, such as Kohler, one of the most important kitchen and bathroom products companies in the sector.

Taking advantage of its presence at CES 2022, Kohler makes its PerfectFill technology official so that users will not have to worry about preparing the bath for themselves or the rest of their family members.

Eliminating Home Overflow Concerns

A system composed of a drainage kit and digital valve will be in charge of preparing the bathtubs with the appropriate depth and temperature for each member. Users will be able to manage the toilets well using voice commands via Google o Alexa, or through the Kohler Konnect app, allowing the programming of up to ten hours of different baths.

The downside of this technology is that, on the one hand, must be installed by a professional, and second, that the price starts at about $ 2,700 and up, not including other compatible elements, such as the faucet and bathtub, which must be purchased separately.

Orders can begin to be made throughout the current year 2022.

And if this was not enough, the company has also presented its Stillness Bath smart bath, priced from $ 8,000 and up, and that in addition to incorporating PerfectFill technology, it is capable of combining water, light, mist and aroma to bring a «home spa experience«, According to the company.

But for those who can afford it, and the Stillnes Batch experience may fall a bit short, there is also a most advanced smart bathtub called the Infinity Experience, which integrates a flow of water along its edges, leading to a wooden base, simulating a waterfall, causing the sound of water to give a feeling of complete relaxation.

Of course, for this model the price is still unknown, although the two previous models will begin to be available in the third quarter of this year.

These are some of their ads along with others, such as the Purist Suspend, a curious tap suspended from the ceiling and controlled by Bluetooth, the H2Wise and H2Wise Plus smart water monitor, and the mini security for Robern IQ bathrooms, to store medications and personal items, new series of non-contact taps with vacation mode, and more.

These are the assets with which Kohler will attract the attention of more than one during the celebration of the edition of CES this year.

Image Credit: Kohler

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