Anker’s new solution to improve the quality of video calls

Webcams have taken a significant role throughout the pandemic, which has led to a considerable increase in the use of video calls. However, web cameras built into laptops and many desktop web cameras do not usually offer a sharp enough image level to be used in the workplace, so a variety of options have come up along the way that try to be much better.

In this sense, webcams with integrated Artificial Intelligence have come to appear for the automatic improvement of the captures, although models with integrated light as standard have also appeared, and even models that allow the webcam to be placed in front of the screen to obtain a best angle of the participant.

Now, on the occasion of CES 2022, anchor proposes to AnkerWork B600, its new solution that consists of a device in the form of a bar, which houses a generous LED lighting system, allowing the lighting level to be dimmed through a touch system.

It also has a webcam capable of performing captures at 2K at 30fps, also counting on focus and other automatic adjustments in order to get the best possible shot of the participant, which you can manually adjust the field of view to avoid removing items from your personal environment that should not appear on the screen.

If that is not enough, the device also has a noise cancellation system based on Artificial intelligence, and the most curious thing is that it also incorporates its own speakers, which may be even better than those usually carried by laptops in general.

A complementary application will allow the participant to improve other aspects of the capture, such as the level of brightness or lighting, among other aspects. There is no doubt that it is an interesting device.

Those interested can start to buy your units at the end of this month of January, although now, unlike many cameras capable of capturing 4K images, this Anker model has a higher price for them.

According Gizmodo, this device will be priced at $ 220, which will not be available to many users. Those interested will already have to do an accounting to study the viability of their purchase compared to many other options, part of which, as we indicated at the beginning, also have an integrated lighting system.

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