CES 2022: Samsung’s new remote control is charged via WiFi

A few hours ago we got over the new Samsung TVs 2022 reported. In the run-up to CES 2022, the manufacturer has now presented an innovative new remote control for its televisions.

The built-in battery of the Samsung Eco Remote can be charged in the classic way via a USB-C connection. In addition, like the previous model, the remote control has a small solar module on the back that can also be used for charging. On the other hand, the option to charge the Eco Remote via WLAN is completely new. You read that right: According to Samsung, the remote control uses “the radio waves from the router and converts them into energy”.

This “RF harvesting” technology could make batteries superfluous, even if it is only suitable for devices with low energy consumption. According to Samsung, the approach could save 99 million batteries in seven years – although it is not clear how the South Korean company calculated this number.

Samsung Eco Remote: A contribution to more sustainability?

Whether the idea is actually sustainable is at least questionable: The built-in battery is likely to mean that the remote control will have to be replaced after a few years due to the draining battery. Classic rechargeable batteries might be the more sustainable option in this regard.

Meanwhile, Samsung, LG and Co. could relatively easily make a much larger contribution to greater sustainability by providing new functions for older devices via software updates.

The strategy of linking new functions such as AirPlay or Matter support to the purchase of a new TV set is no longer up-to-date and anything but sustainable in our view – especially considering the shortage of chips and the disrupted supply chains It could also be financially attractive for manufacturers to generate sales with paid updates.

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