Garmin presents its new watches with functions designed for any user

Garmin has presented its new Venu 2 Plus and Vívomove Sport watches with interesting news in two different proposals.

Two devices that surprise because they no longer have exclusive functions for athletes, but are intended for all audiences.

New Garmin watches for all audiences

As you see in the picture, Vívomove Sport It has the style of a traditional watch, but hides a number of smart features. And of course, it has a number of functions for those who want to monitor different aspects of their health.

For example, you can monitor respiration, heart rate, hydration, among other data. By simply connecting to the mobile’s GPS, it can be used to mark distance and pace when we walk, run or ride bicycles.

And those who prefer a less intensive activity, can use the apps integrated with a series of activities and sports to do at home. Regarding autonomy, this model can offer up to 5 days if we use it as a smart watch.

And going to Come 2 More, one of the main novelties is that it adds a voice functionality. The user only needs to connect it to his mobile, via Bluetooth, so that he can receive and make calls, thanks to the addition of a microphone and a speaker. And it even adds support for the voice assistant, be it Siri, Bixby or the Google Assistant.

And of course, it has health monitoring functions following the same dynamics that we find in Vívomove Sport. As for the battery, it can offer you up to 9 days as a smartwatch, although it will depend on the active functions. For example, the user can have up to 8 hours with GPS and music function.

And if you need a little more autonomy, you can use the battery saver mode or a quick 10-minute recharge to add up to 1 day of battery life.

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