Google Photos has a new option to upload photos and videos using mobile data

Google Photos is being updated with a dynamic to upload photos using mobile data.

You will no longer have the option to exclude videos, but new options are added to establish a daily limit to your data plan dedicated to backup copies of your content in Google Photos.

New option to set a daily mobile data limit

If you frequently use Google Photos, you know that one of the options it offers for backing up is the ability to use mobile data. An option that allows you to exclude videos so that they do not consume your data plan.

However, this dynamic changes with the new update. So if you open the Google Photos app >> Photos Settings >> Backup and synchronization >> Use of mobile data, you will see that the option to exclude videos disappears and the possibility of including a daily limit for copies of security.

You can simply choose “Don’t use data”, use 5MB, 10MB, 30MB or unlimited per day. When you hit some of the set limits, Google will stop syncing until you connect to WiFi or change the day. This is an option that Google photos implemented in 2019 only in India, and which is now spreading to other markets.

This is an option that may be practical for some users as it allows you to set limits on the data plan. However, some will prefer to have an option that prevents videos from being uploaded using mobile data and that MB is only dedicated to photos.

Unfortunately, Google Photos does not allow you to have both dynamics, so if you plan to use only a limited amount of MB from your data plan, be careful with videos as they can easily cover your daily quota. At the moment, this new dynamic is only available in the Google Photos app for Android, but this change has not been applied in the iOS version.

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