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It can be ordered for the Haylou GST smartphone for HUF 9,000

Activity meters are used by people to monitor sports and track notifications. Haylou GST is great for both, but be aware that there are limitations. There is no GPS in it, so for example, on a trip, it’s a good idea to connect to your phone via Bluetooth to get the exact route, but monitors our heart rate and blood oxygen levels, as well as measures the elapsed time, so it gives you great statistics on a workout. It can distinguish 12 types of sports, this includes all the mainstream activities, but it ‘s worth using our phone for all that because of GPS.

The display notifications is a very important aspect, as it allows us not to get our phone out of our pockets for every single beep. The clock is On its 1.69-inch display with a resolution of 240 × 280 pixels it displays them perfectly so we can read them on the clock face. Your calls are also shown on the widget, and you can reject them with the clock. We also know control music, monitor weather forecast, use stopwatch and alarm, but even monitor our sleepand keeps statistics on it. It is equipped with a 220 mAh battery with which 7 days of operation can be obtained with active use, so it is enough to charge the device only once a week. IP68-as its protection ensures that rain and hand washing will not harm it, it will not be ruined by a little water.

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