LG TV 2022 will become a smart home hub and support Matter

LG today unveiled its 2022 TVs. In addition to improved picture and sound quality, the new webOS 22 operating system also features a smart home hub – including support for the new Matter industry standard.

The new models in the OLED G2 series will come with the evo technology, which should enable a higher brightness and an improved level of detail. The 2022 LG OLED G2 series introduces a new 83-inch and 97-inch OLED model that complements the 55, 65 and 77-inch TVs already available. The 2022 LG OLED C2 series offers a wide range of screen sizes between 42 and 83 inches with a total of six models.

LG TV 2022: The new OLED-EVO-C2 TV

webOS 22 with smart home functions and several user profiles

The new LG webOS 22 introduces profiles in which users can set up quick access to their preferred streaming services and receive personal content recommendations. You can log in to the profiles either using the TV browser or a smartphone with NFC Magic Tap.

Users can also mirror content from one TV to another in the house using Room To Room Share, which enables cable or satellite content to be viewed on another TV via WiFi without the need for an additional set-top box.

With the new “Always Ready” function, LG is introducing the option of using the television as a digital screen when it is not in use. With the upgrade from ThinQ AI, LG’s 2022 TVs will also become smart home hubs. In addition to voice control and compatibility with other ThinQ devices, ThinQ AI now also offers support for Matter, a new industry standard for cross-vendor networked Smart Home.

Just like that 2022 TVs from Samsung also support the new devices from LG Cloud-Gaming with Google Stadia and GeForce NOW – games can therefore be played in console quality without additional hardware.

LG has not yet given any information about when and at what price the 2022 TVs will be available in stores.

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