Samsung introduces the Odyssey Neo G8, an ultra-curved 4K gaming monitor

The future Odyssey Neo G8 32 “will try to seduce you with its generated curves, 1000R to be exact.

In recent years, Samsung has distinguished itself with its Odyssey range which features some superb curved screens. It now has a newcomer with the Odyssey Neo G8, a 32-inch monitor with the same 1000R curvature as the gigantic Odyssey Neo G9, which still measures… 49 inches.

For those who are not familiar with these products, this means that the screen will be very curved. It will be much more than what you would usually expect to find on a 32-inch monitor, which usually has a curvature of around 1500R.

This strong curvature will not necessarily be to the liking of all users. But those who appreciate it should have their own little visual paradise. Its Quantum Mini-LED panel goes into high gear; finished it QHD +, make way for 4K with 2000 nits of brightness. A slab that promises to be simply sumptuous; if the color fidelity holds up, it could simply be one of the prettiest displays on the market.

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The same exceptional performance without the disappointments?

And in terms of raw gaming performance, this monitor should be there too. It claims a refresh rate at 240 Hz with 1ms response time; a first among 4K displays according to Samsung. We will also be entitled to support for G-Sync and FreeSYnc Premium Pro technologies from NVIDIA and AMD.

It will be interesting to see whether or not he inherits the loopholes of the G9 which seems to have partially inspired him. Indeed, this true monster of technology is certainly extremely impressive, it nevertheless retains many flaws. Some users have regularly observed dead pixels, scanning lines, or even light leaks or large worries at 240 Hz. Hopefully this Odyssey Neo 8 will do better at this level, because given the exorbitant price of the machine, it is easy to understand that the pill has difficulty in passing.

We may have the opportunity to find out more about the price and perhaps the release date on the occasion of CES 2022, which has just opened its doors despite the uncertainty related to the Covid 19 pandemic. .

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