This video shows that Giniel de Villiers hit a motorcycle with his car on the Dakar and left without giving assistance

In the Dakar Rally it is relatively common for there to be contact between vehicles, but it is especially dangerous if it occurs between different mounts. Motorcycles and quads are usually the most exposed to cars and trucks, and in this edition we have once again had an incident in which tragedy has touched.

Giniel de Villiers, a true Dakar champion in the car category, César Zumarán, a Chilean motorcycle racer who races with a KTM with the sole objective of living the adventure, has been defeated. Fortunately, the incident has been resolved without damage, but the video shows how close the tragedy came.

The FIA ​​has sanctioned de Villiers with five minutes

De Villiers Dakar 2022 2

The incident occurred during Stage 2 of this edition of the rally, the one on Monday. In a narrow passage, de Villiers meets the stopped motorcycle of Zumarán and takes it ahead, braking just in time to prevent the front wheels of the 4×4 from passing over the bike and its rider.

The main problem is that de Villiers omits the aid to Zumarán. It is true that the Chilean driver initially gave way to the Toyota, but then went to the ground visibly sore. In no case does Villiers make the threat to get out of the car, despite the fact that in case of help the time is returned.

De Villiers Dakar 2022 3

Initially they tried to downplay the incident, but what he did not count on about Villiers was that the French television cameras had caught him square. The images show that the incident was very serious, and the FIA ​​has sanctioned the South African with a penalty of five minutes in the general.

It is difficult to blame the incident itself. Zumarán stands at a very compromised point, while visibility from de Villiers’ car is not as clear as it may appear from the outside. In fact, the South African tries to turn to avoid him, but at that point the Toyota does not give more of itself.

Cesar Zumaran Dakar

What is out of all logic is the absence of assistance that has resulted in the sanction of de Villiers. A surprising attitude in a very veteran pilot, champion and who had usually shown an impeccable Dakarian spirit. It can’t even be blamed that de Villiers is fighting for victory.

Giniel de Villiers is a 49-year-old driver who has probably already had his best days on the Dakar. In 2009 he was champion with Volkswagen, and since 2012 he runs for Toyota. With the Japanese he has been on the podium six times and has five stage victories, but he is far from fighting for a Dakar. His teammate Nasser Al-Attiyah dominates him in terms of speed.

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