This year, too, L’Oreal brought an interesting development to CES

L’Oreal is working on a plethora of interesting projects, which are usually presented for the first time at CES in Las Vegas. Now they have brought in a smart hair dye system.


L’Oreal not only strives to fill drugstore shelves with affordable cosmetics and beauty products, but also specifically experiments with high-end technological innovations. It was presented before last year Lostt, friend it integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning with a complex sensor system to produce the currently optimal facial product or decorative cosmetic for the user. Anyone who applies makeup and / or uses facial care products on a regular basis will feel that this is not necessarily stupid, but not as much of a luxury as maintaining a stock of creams and more to suit the season, the time of day, the area to be treated and our current needs.


Like facial care, dyeing your hair at home is not a simple operation, by which we mostly mean it is cumbersome, smeared and very easy to whiten. The world’s largest cosmetics and beauty group, founded in 1909 by a French chemist who was one of the first to develop a synthetic hair dye, intends to change that.

And in a little over 100 years, we’ll be there to stop smearing our hands with the culinary, because the comb-like Colorsonic solves mixing and application at the touch of a button. The point is, on the one hand, that the sotty gets to where it is meant and not everywhere else, and on the other hand, in an optimal quantity and in perfect distribution, to where it is needed, you. on our hair.

With its own co-application, Colorsonic is pretty much like one brobdingnagi hairbrush, to fill the container containing the dye and developer, and the brush part helps to distribute the product along the entire length of the hair from the hair follicles to the hair ends with 300 vibrating movements per minute. This seems very workable and obvious at first hearing. And for a second. I don’t know who tried to pinch the ingredients precisely, apply it evenly, comb your waist-length hair in an aubergine truth with a smooth hairbrush, slip it off your ears and neck, then scrub the dripping material out of everywhere and wipe it off. hair dye t-shirt, but who dares to report that it’s an all-night show, thankfully not from the horror genre.

L’Oreal’s innovation obviously makes sense and can be a cultured and comfortable solution to a very common but all the more common inconvenience. The question, of course, is how much it all costs, but this is not very elegantly addressed for a second in such presentations. There will obviously be no cheap and widespread fun in the first place, but after some time we will most likely be able to take such products off the shelves of drugstores like a plain bottle of shampoo now.

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