VDA President Hildegard Mller: Climate protection must not divide society

The President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Hildegard Mller, warned against a division in society with a view to the climate protection debate. “The traffic debate in our country is extremely heated,” she told the “Bild am Sonntag”. There are non-governmental organizations that claim to speak for society as a whole. “In fact, they often argue from a very privileged perspective. Something has gotten out of balance – and I can only warn against that: Climate protection must not divide our society.”

Mller criticized that there is often a lack of willingness to recognize different living conditions. “City dwellers are not allowed to dictate to rural people how they have to live. Whoever gets up early in the morning to open a shop or to sit down at a supermarket checkout, carries our society.” You shouldn’t put obstacles in the way of these people, “they have the right to drive in their own car, especially where there is insufficient public transport.”

According to the VDA President, mobility should not become a “privilege for the rich”. But that danger exists. “When it comes to the price of petrol, for example, many people are now reaching their limits.” She therefore expects tax cuts from the traffic light coalition. The high prices also put the industry at a great competitive disadvantage. “The automotive industry alone employs 800,000 people, we mustn’t put these jobs at risk.” (dpa / swi)

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