A Bluetooth speaker that never drains

Because a material has been applied to the cover that can convert light into electricity.


Exeger Sweden is a company that a Powerfoyle developed a material called. It is a thin, plastic-printed and laminated material that can be used to cover a variety of surfaces (and the technology is also capable of making a translucent material that can even cover the glass windows of office buildings) and can extract energy from relatively little light – but relatively few. This is why it is not yet the most economical way to replace high-performance solar panels, but because of its space-saving and flexibility, it can also be used in areas where solar panels have proven to be large, heavy, or just bumford.

Already last year, a company called Urbanista unveiled one headphones, which was covered with Powerfoyle (the strap is also thick), but Exeger now went one step further and looked for a new partner: it became Mayht. The Dutch startup has become famous for being able to solve the same sound quality in a much smaller size than a speaker usually offers, while at the same time consuming less of the components they manufacture. It was quite obvious that the two technologies would meet, but at CES, those interested could only see prototypes of Bluetooth speakers that would never be immersed in principle.


In any case, the product category itself is a good choice, a portable speaker is usually square and well covered with a Powerfoyle, its size is significantly larger than the strap of a headset, and the area of ​​use is really outdoor, which is ideal if the goal is to sound all day the music and not have to worry about charging. However, the Urbanista headphones are not a cheap piece (they are also available at home for 75 thousand forints), so we can assume that the self-charging speaker that will actually hit the market will not look for customers in the penny category either.

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