CES 2022: Mobileye shows chip for autonomous driving

Next to the Lane Keeping Assist presented together with VW Mobileye also presented a chip system for autonomous driving called EyeQ Ultra at CES. Mobileye expects the market launch in the first vehicles from 2025. “Autonomous driving will be possible with an EyeQ Ultra chip, you will then usually only have a second processor, which is a little smaller, for redundancy,” said Jungwirth. The era of self-driving cars is actually dawning: “I don’t see anything that can stop us, neither regulatory nor technical, nor in terms of customer acceptance.”

Mobileye is now sending its self-driving test cars onto the streets not only in Tel Aviv and Munich, but also in Paris and Tokyo.

EyeQ Ultra uses an all-round view with eleven cameras as well as data from radar sensors and laser radars called lidar. “In the next three to five years I don’t see any technical possibility of bringing a system onto the market that is only camera-based,” said Mobileye manager Johann Jungwirth, who previously worked at Mercedes, Apple and Volkswagen, among others. “But we’re not saying that it will never work.”

Among other things, Tesla boss Elon Musk is always convinced that cameras are sufficient and laser radar is an expensive wrong track. Most developers of robot car technology regard them as indispensable for the time being. The technology scans the area around the car and can detect it even when visibility is poor. (dpa / swi)

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