five options if you want to camper a medium-size van

We continue with the review of the world of potential camper vans. After having seen what models of compact van we have for those who want to prepare something simple, now we go to the medium size camper vans.

This segment is the most popular camper for two main reasons: they are the most common and, in addition, they are the ones that offer the best balance between exterior size and interior space.

Volkswagen Multivan

Camper Media 8

If we talk about medium camper vans we have to talk about the absolute benchmark of the segment. 70 years ago a myth was born called Volkswagen Transporter, the mythical T1 created on the basis of the Volkswagen beetle original.

Since then, each generation has been in charge of marking the way forward in the camper segment, but especially with the arrival of the Volkswagen California as a model entirely produced by the German firm.

From there, countless replicas of its interior distribution, variations or more or less simple transformations have been created, and both the California and the Multivan or Transporter of successive generations have become a dark object of desire by recreational vehicle enthusiasts.

Camper Media 9

The actual Volkswagen Multivan T7 is a reinterpretation of the Transporter, now with the Volkswagen Golf platform and an unaffordable starting price that touches 40,000 euros. There are many second-hand options, but the most numerous are the generations T5 and T6.

With measures of 4.90 meters long by 1.90 and 1.97 meters wide and high respectively, the Multivan T6 short wheelbase has one of the most interesting proposals. We can also find multiple configurations from some already camperized, with up to seven seats or even with a lifting roof.

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Camper Media 6

The other great contender in the segment, or at least within what many fans of the camper world aspire to, is to be able to have a Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

The Vito, Viano and V They are the most premium option and with a reliability that is more than reputed in the sector. In addition, by measures they have traditionally been located in the highest step of the medium vans.

With measures of 4.75 by 1.90 and 1.87 meters long, width and height for the 2010 Vito up to 4.89 by 1.93 and 1.88 meters at the same levels for the current V-Class, passing through the 5.00, 1.90 and 1.87 meters of the Viano from 2011, Stuttgart vans have many options available without having to go to the Marco Polo.

Camper Media 7

More than anything because the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo It’s like the camper superstar: ultra-equipped, with luxurious loft finishes and sublime ride comfort, but at a price that starts at almost 60,000 euros.

For much less budget there are better options, such as finding a well-maintained second-hand unit and on which to work as a base. After all, kilometers are not usually a problem for these German mechanics.

Citroën SpaceTourer

Camper Media 4

The Citroën SpaceTourer, the Peugeot Traveller o la Opel Zafira (in addition to the Toyota Proace) are the trio of PSA medium vans, to which should be added the corresponding industrial versions.

Next to the SpaceTourer we could also think of its predecessors. The passenger or industrial versions of the Citroën Jumpy (and its twins from Fiat and Peugeot) are an interesting base to work from. They were also available in two wheelbase lengths and even a raised version that can stand upright (1,750mm interior height versus 1,449mm for the H1).

Camper Media 5

In any case we are talking about vans more compact than the Volkswagen Transporter, but that have joined the camper fever. Citroën offers the SpaceTourer by Tinkervan, with different levels of preparation from the Huesca specialist and factory warranty.

From 2,500 euros You can access a simple kit with which to make your first steps in the camper world, but the options are endless. Any generation can be installed from a folding bed module to a lifting ceiling, kitchen cabinet or static heating.

Renault Trafic

Camper Media 2

Another trinity of mid-size vans are the Renault Trafic, Nissan Primastar (o NV300) and Fiat Talento (and the Opel Vivaro previously), in his case with a much more square and usable format if what we want is to make a camper van.

In fact, it is the most usable option both in terms of size and shape. It is extremely regular externally with dimensions of 4.99 meters long by 1.95 wide and 1.97 high, a large sliding side door and double leaf door or tailgate.

Camper Media 3

The seats (if any) can be easily removed in the rear seats and leaves us a very wide open space, which together with a double front bench that we can replace with an individual seat or a swivel base provides a good dose of practicality.

There are many units in circulation, its price is relatively low (if we compare it with the Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz), there are two wheelbase lengths and there is also a raised version that goes from 1.97 to 2.46 meters in height, although they are difficult to find.

Ford Tourneo Custom

Medium Camper Van

Finally we have a van that plays solo. The Ford Transit y Tourneo Custom (commercial and passenger) are the options that the American manufacturer puts on the table. Versatile and reliable options that, like the Renault, stand out for their regular shapes.

In the case of the Tourneo Custom the rear seats are not so easy to remove, but instead we have two individual seats in the first row in this latest generation.

Camper Media 1

As a base for camper, the exterior dimensions of the short wheelbase Tourneo Custom almost copy the Trafic with 4.97 meters long by 1.98 and 1.97 meters wide and high. From there we have multiple options, even reaching very long Transit with a reinforced rear axle and twin wheel for the most ambitious.

And although it may not seem like it because it has been overshadowed for decades by the other players in the sector, the options we have with the Ford Transit are vast. As long as it has its own camper line called Nugget and that this year has returned to the charge of the hand of Westfalia. Ok, they are not at the same level of finishes, but it comes with a very complete equipment.

Note: This car offer belongs to an affiliate. Despite this, the car on display has not been proposed by either the brand or the seller, its introduction being a unique decision of the team of editors.

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