Hisense announces 8K screens and other rollable displays

Hisense is one of the market leaders when it comes to televisions, and during this CES, the brand is still proving its status.

You may have already seen this name on Paris Saint Germain jerseys or during the last edition of the Euro: Hisense. Behind this name hides a Chinese company, known in the world of large household appliances, especially for its television screens and radio sets. Present during this 2022 edition of CES in Las Vegas, the Asian firm took the opportunity to make several announcements concerning the products that will be in the news during the year 2022.

And to start, Hisense wanted to hit hard. Indeed, the brand offers an 8K Laser screen. The latter has the big difference of using a projector so that the image arrives on the screen, like in the cinema. After more than 10 years of research and development, the brand has finally finalized its product, capable of offering breathtaking image resolution.

Laser TV: where can you make your television green?

This video projection technology also significantly reduces blue light. But that’s not the only advantage she has. Indeed, as the brand explains at length in its press release, the use of “Laser TV” is a blessing for the planet. According to Omdia, 10 million 75-inch or larger LCD TVs will be shipped over the next 12 months.

Hisense explains that if 30% of these deliveries were replaced by “Laser TVs” as the brand already offers for sale, it would then be possible to make considerable energy savings. According to its own calculations, Hisense estimates that this gain is in the order of 637,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

A television that rolls up

Last point concerning this Laser TV 8k, and not least, its price. Indeed, the screen will be available in France in 2023, not before, and for the sum of € 15,000. A real investment for a television.

Laser TV rollable © Hisense

Namely that for the same price, the brand also offers another flagship model, also presented at this edition of CES: the roll-up Laser TV. With a 4K image, this television takes the look of the already known concepts of roll-up televisions. Big advantage on the part of Hisense with this product, the video projection module and the projection screen are included in the TV cabinet. Cabinet which also houses the sound system of this screen, certified Dolby Atmos, and signed Harman Kardon. Here again the release date in France is scheduled for 2023, for 15,000 euros.

Products under 5000 €

If you don’t want to put the price of a new car on your television, Hisense still has the solution for you within its new range. Indeed, the Chinese brand also offers more classic televisions, and (a little) more affordable, although these are still very high-end products, and therefore very expensive.

© Hisense

The first of these products, this is the OLED TV from Hisense. With a 4k image and a refresh rate of 120Hz, this screen presents itself as a potential companion for gamers. In addition to this panel, the television has a high quality sound system. According to Hisense, this is a unique solution on the market that offers a “surround effect” never before seen. The screen is available from summer 2022 and will be sold by Hisense for € 2,990.

An exceptional 85-inch Mini-LED screen

But if the OLED solution and its 65-inch model are not for you, Hisense has thought of everything and also offers a Mini-LED screen 55, 65 or 75 inches. The latter is available for € 1,490 in its smallest version, against € 3,490 for the 75-inch model. Offering a 4K image of impressive clarity, Hisense’s Mini-LED range saw the arrival of a reinforcement of weight at the beginning of the year 2022 with the 85U9H.

Behind this barbaric series name actually hides a very high quality television, capable of offering an 8K image on a huge 85-inch panel. With an advertised brightness of 3000 nits and a refresh rate of 120Hz, this product is among the best in the TV world today. Simply. Sold in France from 2023, it will cost you € 7,000.

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