NVIDIA’s 3D design platform will be free for content creators

Good news comes for audiovisual content creators looking to experiment with new technologies and techniques for 3D design.

In the current 2022 edition of CES, NVIDIA announced that Omniverse, its collaborative design and 3D simulation platform, began to be offered free of charge to any content creator, artist or designer, as long as they work as an individual and that count on a GPU from your RTX series.

NVIDIA Omniverse, free for content creators

Using design applications such as Autodesk Maya, Blender, Unreal Studio or Adobe Photoshop, this platform allows you to connect and collaborate from laptops or workstations that have an NVIDIA RTX card installed.

The Omniverse platform has several tools, such as Omniverse Audio2Face, a utility capable of animating facial expressions only from an audio source. It supports blendshape and has the ability to export directly to MetaHuman Creator, an Epic tool for people modeling that we introduced earlier.

Other utilities included with the service are Omniverse Create, a Pixar-style rendering tool, and Omniverse Isaac Sim, a photorealistic rendering tool, among others.

NVIDIA also introduced new advancements introduced in the Omniverse Machinima platform, a tool for animation and manipulation of characters in virtual environments. Similarly, Omniverse Nucleus Cloud, a new utility integrated into the suite, will enable the option of sharing large Omniverse 3D scenes with ease and speed.

This set of tools compiled by the Omniverse suite can increase the productivity of many independent creators. Whether for specific collaborations – face-to-face or remotely – on people design projects or for the individual execution of a project of this kind, with these resources from NVIDIA it is possible to accelerate workflows.

Omniverse is available for Windows and Linux. Some of its tools will be temporarily offered under an early access program, which requires prior registration to access it.

To access Omniverse for free, it is necessary to first fill out a registration form in it website from NVIDIA.

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