Shazam already knows who the musical hits of 2022 will be

Rather than congratulating 2021’s most popular artists, Shazam unveiled his predictions for 2022.

2021 has been over a few days ago. While many streaming platforms are working to build their review of the past year, Shazam prefers to bet on its predictions for 2022. The application now offers via Apple Music, a playlist of 50 artists “On the verge of a decisive year”.

Sad Night Dynamite et DannyLux

Calculated thanks to the predictive algorithms of its music recognition application, this rather particular list of awards highlights several artists, on the way to – perhaps – become the new benchmarks of 2022. Among the big winners of 2022, we find in particular the Nigerian Ayra Starr, whose song Bloody Samaritan released last July has become the most shazamé in its country. Mexican-American artist DannyLux is also on the list of “Personalities to watch”. With You played and suffered, the singer has more than 45 million listenings on YouTube Music.

Shazam predictions 2022
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Following the ranking, we also find the singer-songwriter Lyn Lapid, the duo Sad Night Dynamite, as well as the K-Pop girl band STAYC, still in the local ranking of the most shazamated titles of 2021 since the release of their single ASAP in April.

A boost for 2022?

Boosted by the coronation of Shazam, which will undoubtedly not fail to highlight them on Apple Music, all the artists present in this predictive playlist could therefore well impose themselves on the music market of 2022. It remains to be seen whether the platform will have a hollow nose.

Note all the same that last year, the application had bet on Masked Wolf, and especially on its title Astronaut in the Ocean. Undoubtedly driven by its rhythm, but also by social networks, which quickly erected it to the rank of meme, the title became the most shazamous song of 2021 on a global scale, with 11 million searches in a few months. .

To listen to the fifty tracks that make up the playlist Shazam Predictions 2022, you’ll need 2:40 and an active subscription to Apple Music. The complete list however, remains accessible from the platform’s official website.

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