Sony presents Vision-S 02, an electric SUV that overflows with technology

Sony introduced Vision-S 02, a prototype electric SUV with an interesting combination of technology, which could place it between the Tesla Model X and Model Y.

An SUV that Sony hopes to market through its new division Sony Mobility Inc, which will be operational in a few months.

This is Sony’s electric SUV

Sony presented at CES 2022 a concept model of a 100% electric SUV: Vision-S 02. It follows a design line similar to the previous prototype of the Vision-S saloon, but with a different proposal.

Some data that the Sony team has shared is that it has multiple sensors of different types around the car, to offer the driver a visualization system that guarantees safe driving. For example, it integrates high-sensitivity CMOS image sensors to have a complete view of the car environment and LiDAR sensors that detect three-dimensional space.

And of course, the interior of the car is packed with technology that is combined with Sony services. For example, users will be able to play videos individually on the screens that are available in the rear seats or in shared mode using the panoramic front screen. An experience that extends to play streaming games.

And the SUV will also offer functions that allow users to customize different options of its dynamics:

Vehicle settings, key locks, and user settings can be synchronized by linking the vehicle to the cloud using mobile communication, including 5G communication, featuring low-latency, high-capacity, and high-speed capabilities.

In addition to displaying this prototype electric SUV, Sony announced that it will establish a brand “Sony Mobility Inc.” to enter the electric car market.

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