Xiaomi hits record sales of this home gadget

Xiaomi currently has one of the largest portfolios of smart home products to accompany its smartphone menu, as well as online service solutions, among other areas of operation. However, one of the most vibrant sectors of the brand is home gadgets, as the brand itself is now revealing when reaching a new milestone.

It was by the hand of Zhanf Feng, senior vice president of Xiaomi Group that the manufacturer revealed the total sales of its air conditioning units in 2021. In fact, the company would sell a total of 2 million units of this gadget for the home during the period. last year – from January 1, 2021 to December 31 of the last year.

The Success of Xiaomi Air Conditioning Units in 2021

Xiaomi Air Conditioning

Interestingly, this would be one of the best-selling products in the entire Xiaomi home product portfolio. At issue are MIJIA air conditioning units which, on one of the most popular online sales platforms in China, Jingdong ( would reach a total of 4000 units sold during the month of May 2021, the peak of sales.

As in the other products of the manufacturer, especially the IoT gadgets, the design of its air conditioning units is minimalist. Here, without exception, simple lines dominate the face of the product in all units of this MIJIA product.

Its most recent iterations consist of hybrid units that, in addition to acclimatizing the space, also purify the air. In fact, this is one of the most sought after features in China, with Xiaomi gradually strengthening this functionality in these products.

The unexpected success of MIJIA air conditioning

Xiaomi MIJIA

For the manufacturer, this public preference was welcome news, albeit unexpected. Anyway, the latest products have full integration with Xiaomi’s IoT ecosystem which has accelerated their adoption by the public.

They are wall mounted units with 4-layer HEPA filters to achieve an efficient level of circulating air purification, with anti-bacterial and anti-viral capabilities. As a result, the product has become even more sought after over the last year.

The manufacturer now hopes to repeat its 2021 success with these home gadgets by continually improving its products. The commitment was made by Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi and extends not only to smartphones, but to all Xiaomi technology.

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