A collapsible TCL has been introduced again, but it may be coming to market

TCL has already shown a number of concepts on the flex display, but the Flex V looks marketable.


At CES, TCL showed off its assets primarily for the U.S. market, but still there were also a couple of tablets, which will be distributed globally. The manufacturer has been demonstrating for a few years now with different concepts what they plan to do with the foldable displays, they have already had a book-opening and two-point bending solution, but the current Flex V is scheduled to hit the market this year at a better price than other similar machines.

The Flex V (developed as Poject Chicago) is a similar device to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, or just introduced Huawei P50 Pocket, that is, it evokes the design of contemporary handset phones, but when opened, it not only has a display at the top, but the whole phone takes on the shape of a smartphone familiar in today’s sense. But contrary to what has been said, TCL says it will be able to offer it at a price of $ 600, which is more favorable than the price tag for previous products, the only question is when it is expected to hit the market. Well, according to TCL, still this year.

(source: GSMArena)

The prototype is powered by a Snapdragon 765G, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, and a battery of 3545mAh, which is a bit more than usual in the category, but also because Flex V is a slightly denser product. There are two cameras at the back (i.e., folded on the cover), 48 megapixels for normal viewing and 16 megapixels for ultra-wide, and a 44-megapixel camera opening at the top of the internal display.

(source: GSMArena) [+]

According to GSMArena (who may have tried the phone), the internal panel is supplied by Samsung, with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, the fold crease is still visible and there is a gap between the two halves of the device when folded. They haven’t started much with the external display, it’s better to treat it as a notification interface because it’s small enough and in its current state isn’t suitable for anything else anyway, although TCL says there will be a feature or two when it comes in handy.

(source: GSMArena) [+]

In any case, the Flex V is not special in that it lacks unprecedented engineering and far-reaching improvements, but because of its mid-range hardware and Samsung’s already polished display technology, it may be an alternative for those who want a phone of this design, but offers so far have been found to be too expensive. Another issue is that instead of promises, it would be worthwhile to launch the device now, because it is not just TCL that deals with such a concept and sometimes competitors can come up with something similar unexpectedly (as was the case with Oppo Find N).

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