Call to action cards, Spotify’s new advertising format for podcasts

Spotify continues with the trend of interactive experiences, which it has been introducing over the past year through numerous functions, now adding the call-to-action (CTA) cards as your new ad format for audio podcasts.

The popular platform understands the hassle of writing down or memorizing any information or data that the user has heard in an audio advertising promotion and in which they may be interested, be it a discount code, visiting a specific website, etc. .

With this in mind, with the new advertising format they will not only help users to access the products or services in which they are interested after listening to the advertising offered in a podcastbut the advent of call-to-action cards It also means that the announcements of the audio podcasts begin to be interactive for the first time, “Transforming the format of something that can only be heard, into an experience that can also be seen and, most importantly, clicked.”

As stated:

CTA cards will appear in the app as soon as a podcast ad starts playing and will reappear later as you browse the Spotify app, making it easy to verify the brand, product, or service you heard about while listening. Call-to-action cards will help you directly discover the products and services that interest you without having a promotional code or a custom URL that is difficult to remember.

As is often the case with many news, its deployment will be progressive. Call-to-action cards will initially be available on select Spotify original and exclusive podcasts in the US starting today.Although it has not mentioned future plans, it is more than foreseeable that this new advertising format will expand to more podcast content, although it could make the leap to other types of content as well, and perhaps it will also be taken to new markets.

Spotify calls on interested advertisers to get all the information they need, through, and more when in their own tests, Spotify “Double the number of site visits with these new clickable ads compared to the non-clickable podcast ads.”

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