Does Koenigsegg go back to the origins? This is the profile of your next hypercar, and it looks good

Back in 2002, Christian von Koenigsegg entered automobile history with the Koenigsegg CC8S. A handmade hypercar that, in addition to its futuristic aesthetics and its dazzling features, was the materialization of the dream of this Swedish businessman: to build cars with a perfectionist philosophy similar to that of Ferrari or Lamborghini.

The historical note is relevant because, among the messages that the brand has recently left in its social networks, figure the ‘teaser’ of what will be your next release. And its silhouette inevitably recalls that original model that, in 2022, turns 20 years from its first sale.

The text accompanying the image is terse: “Dear 2022, here is our New Years resolution. More performance through smart engineering and streamlined design. Here we go!” Its benefits are not yet known. Nor, nor, his name.

A bridge between yesterday and today?

Koenigsegg Motor

Indeed, the profile of this new model seems to want to recover the clean lines of Koenigsegg’s beginnings. However, if we take out the magnifying glass, it is possible to appreciate that the classic basket presents here a slightly cropped back, exposing the optics in that area.

Furthermore, the absence of a fixed spoiler implies that, as an alternative, could use an active deflector able to vary its height and inclination depending on the speed.

Being a brand that, traditionally, grants a privileged -and wide- space to its engines, these features suggest that it could use the same two-liter three-cylinder biturbo of Gemera. In the latter, said block manages -with the help of three electric propellants- to deliver up to 1.729 CV power. A figure that, if repeated, would already be a guarantee of ‘terminal speed’.

For its part, the front of the mysterious model take a line that recalls that of the Agera. Of particular note is the prominent lower lip of the bumper, which anticipates a new ‘twist’ in the aerodynamic use of carbon fiber. Something that Koenigsegg has us used to …

Logically, this new Koenigsegg is late to ask the Magi, but perhaps he will be able to become the object of desire for next Christmas. At least, the purpose of the Nordic brand is to have it ready throughout this year. We will cross our fingers.

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