Google works on improving Android integrations with other devices

Google is also at CES 2022 to show its news for this year. In this sense, the company has just shared the improvements that it will bring to users to facilitate the linking of their devices under the Android ecosystem, not only with mobile phones, with other connected devices, through Fast Pair technology.

In this regard, they anticipate that they are extending Fast Pair so that users can easily configure their compatible headsets in the coming months when they are going to use them with their televisions under Android TV or Google TV.

But first, in a few weeks, when you turn on a Fast Pair compatible headset, the nearby Chromebook will detect it instantly, and allow the two to be linked with a simple click.

If a new Chromebook is later purchased, users can quickly configure it from their Android phones, getting “immediate access to all the information you have already saved, such as your Google login and Wi-Fi password.”

And if you can already unlock a Chromebook from the mobile Android, In the coming months, it will also be possible to unlock both the Chromebook and an Android mobile or tablet from a watch under Wear OS with which it has been paired, simply by approaching it.

And with regard to using the mobile as the keys of a car:

And with a digital car key, you can now use your compatible Samsung or Pixel phone to lock, unlock and start your compatible BMW vehicles from your phone. Starting later this year, on ultra-broadband (UWB) phones, you won’t even have to take the phone out to use it as a car key.

They promise that over time, digital car keys will reach other mobile models.

Of all that has been announced, the greater integration in which they are currently working on Android and Windows systems through Fast Pair, which will allow from the quick configuration of Bluetooth accessories to the sharing of files with Near Share, through the synchronization of text messages, although this greater integration will initially arrive at the end of this year to certain models of laptops from companies such as Acer and HP.

They are also working on a new technology for Bluetooth headphones that will allow the automatic switching of the audio to whatever device is being used, depending on circumstances, the arrival of spatial audio to compatible headphones in the coming months, the integration of Chromecasts to more speakers and sound bars to share music and podcasts from Android phones, and more.

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