Hue Outdoor Sensor: New revision with minor changes

A few weeks ago, Philips Hue launched its indoor motion detector slightly revised. Now the outdoor sensor has also been updated. I don’t necessarily want to speak of a new generation here, but rather of a small revision.

What changes are there? The new sensor with the EAN 8719514342262 and the model number 929003067401 comes to you in a new packaging. Here Signify completely dispenses with plastic, the sensor disappears completely in the box and can no longer be seen through a viewing window.

And the sensor itself has also changed a bit in terms of optics. On the top you can no longer just read “Philips”, but “Philips Hue”. Just a little detail.

Anyone who bought the Hue Outdoor Sensor at the beginning of 2019 will notice another difference: there is only one screw on the back, compared to four at the market launch. A small change that makes changing the battery a little easier. However: There must have been a revision of the outdoor sensor as early as 2020 or 2021, when this change was made.

Officially, less range is given

An indication of the “new” model is then conspicuous. A range of motion detection of 10 meters is stated on the plastic-free packaging of the Hue Outdoor Sensor. So far it was 12 meters. I am assuming that you simply want to be more on the safe side with the new information and that nothing has changed on the sensor itself – but I asked the manufacturer again about this.

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