Instagram will allow you to choose between different types of feeds


Instagram is finally bringing the chronological feed back, but under a completely different dynamic.

As Adam Mosseri mentions, Instagram in the coming months will give you the possibility to choose between different types of feed.

Return the chronological feed to Instagram

Adam Mosseri shared on his Twitter account changes that will be implemented in the dynamics of the feed of Instagram. And yes, at last the possibility of configuring the chronological feed will be implemented again. However, it will not be the way we remember it, but the idea revolves around offering different views to users so that they can customize the way they see the main feed.

As you can see in the image, users will be able to choose between three different feeds. If you choose “Start” you will have the current feed, the one that Instagram organizes using its algorithm. But if you prefer to have a chronological feed then you can use any of the remaining options: “Favorites” and “Following”.

It’s an interesting dynamic. In this way, “Home” can serve as a content discovery center, as more recommendations will be added in the future following the order created by the algorithm. On the other hand, if you want to take a look at all the publications of the people you follow, you will have the option of easily going to that “Followed” feed, to see the content chronologically and not miss anything.

And if you are only interested in seeing the publications of your friends or family that you have included in «Favorites» then you choose this feed and that’s it. Mosseri has ensured that this new dynamic will be implemented yes or yes during the first quarter of 2022. So it is not just a test, but it is a change that will reach the stable version of Instagram shortly.

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