LinkedIn will start having its own Clubhouse later this month.

Starting at the end of this month of January, the social network LinkedIn will have its new platform for creating virtual events, which will arrive in beta as the equivalent of Clubhouse, although later, throughout next spring, it will also have a version of this platform focused on the video format.

The idea is that the users of the platform can generate their own virtual meetings, where the organizers and hosts will be the ones who take the reins of their events, counting on all the necessary tools, without the need to resort to third-party solutions.

The great bet for the celebration of virtual events

Initially it will target existing creators in LinkedIn, although unlike other platforms where creators are an essential part, On LinkedIn, virtual events will have a clear professional character.

Initially, the new platform It will be completely free, not considering for the moment the possibility of selling tickets to attend virtual events already programmed, and will have the collaboration of LinkedIn itself to enable these events to become known to a greater number of users.

LinkedIn’s interest in events increased before the pandemic, although at first it focused on face-to-face meetings, although with the pandemic in the making, from LinkedIn they chose to focus on virtual meetings.

As they comment on TechCrunch, with the promotion of virtual participations Features like online surveys or live videos have arrived. Time has come to show an interest in virtual events with a growth both in the events themselves and in those attending them.

Among the topics discussed are innovations in the field of Artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, economic management and more.

Virtual events have become on LinkedIn as something essential, especially with the rise of telecommuting and hybrid work, although this does not mean that event creators can also opt for hybrid events.

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