Opel Eisenach: The bands are running again

After a break of more than three months due to a lack of parts, production has started again at Opel in Eisenach. The first Opel Grandland rolled off the assembly line on Thursday morning, as the company announced. According to the information, Thringen’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow and Opel boss Uwe Hochgeschurtz were also on site. The SUV model is now to be manufactured exclusively in Eisenach and will be available from dealers from February.

Opel stopped production at the plant at the end of September due to a lack of semiconductors. The subsequent debate about a possible spin-off of the Eisenach plant from the German unit Opel Automobile GmbH had caused great concern in Thringen. After protests by the workforce, the parent company Stellantis abandoned the plans in November.

Thousands of jobs cut

Hochgeschurtz confessed to the Eisenach location in an interview with the “Thringer Allgemeine”. It cannot be predicted whether a production stop will be necessary again due to missing parts. Other automakers and suppliers, such as BMW and Porsche in Leipzig, do not expect the semiconductor supply to gradually ease before the middle of the year.

Opel is the only German brand in the Stellantis car group, which emerged from the Peugeot parent company PSA and Fiat-Chrysler. Since the takeover by PSA in August 2017, thousands of jobs have been cut in agreement with the union, with no redundancies until summer 2025. (dpa / mer)

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