That they do not give you a pre-owned car for kilometer zero, how are they different?

No, a pre-owned car is NOT a kilometer zero. The second is always a new car, while the first is a used model, but with few kilometers.

Despite this, there are dealerships that offer second-hand vehicles as kilometer zero when in reality they are not, which usually means a higher price than it should.

We tell you everything you need so that you know exactly what is a zero kilometer car And why it should not be confused with a pre-owned or, for example, a management car. In short, avoid that “they give you a free cat” or, in this case, a pre-owned for a kilometer zero.

The differences between a new car and a used car

Used vehicle dealer

Let’s start by defining two key concepts that define the vehicle typology after leaving the factory. And basically it summarizes whether it has been used or not.

New car

A new car is one that, from the time it leaves the factory until a customer buys it, has not been used no way.

This means that it has not been driven, or more correctly than they have only done the necessary kilometers to take it out of the factory, transport it (truck, train or ship), move it to the storage car park or wash it and prepare it for the given buyer.

Thus, it should have very few kilometers, normally less than 100, being usual that it reflects on its odometer between 20 or 30 kilometers.

Used car

Unlike the first, a used car is one that, from the time it leaves the factory until it reaches a new customer, has already been used. It can be by a previous owner, by the dealer itself or by clients of a rental fleet.

And this means that it has been driven by road and that has some wear, I already know a lot or a little, depending on how many kilometers have been traveled and the use that has been given to it.

What is a kilometer zero?

New cars campa

Taking into account the above, a vehicle car that is classified as a kilometer zero is always new.

The only thing that differentiates it from a car on request, requested by the client and ad hoc to their preferences (version, color, equipment extras, etc.) is that it has already been previously enrolledEither by the dealer or by the car brand. But it has not been used. It is what is known as a “self-enrolled”.

That is, for the client to release it, you just have to make a change of holder (transfer), as it appears with the name of the manufacturer or the point of sale. But it has not been used as such.

What is a pre-owned car? And one of management?

Hertz car rental company

Within the used car category, there are three types based on both age and use: management, pre-owned and second-hand.

Regarding a preowned, it is a car that is older compared to those of management, for example, as well as more kilometers: normally do not usually exceed 25,000 kilometers and its age is around between one and two years.

It is common for pre-owned cars or vehicles that they have belonged to fleets, either from a company or from a renting or rental firm, but which have not been given excessive use.

Management car at Peugeot dealership (Madrid)

On the other hand, those known as management cars, these are those that belong to a brand or dealer and that have been used by point of sale personnel or they have been assigned for test drives of customers.

They tend to be cars of less age than the pre-owned ones, in addition to having even fewer kilometers: usually a few six months And till 10,000 km by 15,000 km.

But nor those of management, despite the few kilometers, nor the pre-owned are never kilometer zero, since they have been used by other drivers and therefore already show use.

In conclusion: if we come across a zero kilometer with a price that is usually attractive and striking, we must be suspicious and check if it is actually a management or pre-owned model.

For this, the kilometers shown on the odometer are always a good guide: if it has up to 100 km, at most, we are talking about a kilometer zero, but if it exceeds that figure, it is not.

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