The Chevy Silverado EV arrives. Kayak?

Chevrolet’s purely electric pickup promises 400 miles of range and large loading space.


General Motors also announced several new electric cars at CES 2022, such as eye-catching crossover Equinox EV. At the same time, the United States is passionate about pickups and SUVs, and in addition to the countryside, we also avoided them on our CES cruises, usually spotting a person in oversized ATVs.


The high weight comes with extra consumption and emissions, which is why electrifying the category can come in handy – of course, double the size of the battery with a double associated carbon footprint, so the math will be really good when the raw materials are returned to the production-use-recycling cycle. In any case, the Silverado EV promises to be a huge success, as its internal combustion engine version is hugely popular in the United States and Canada, and pre-orders for the Ford-F150 EV, two Rivian and Cybertruck are quite serious.


The WT variant of the Silverado EV will arrive for the first time in the spring of 2023, at prices ranging from $ 40 to $ 80,000 before local taxes and distributor extras (the latter sometimes means a tens of thousands of dollars in “market adjustment”), and the top packaging is 400 miles, or 644 promises a range of km. This can be good news, especially in rural America, where huge distances between settlements and embankments are sometimes to be reckoned with. The range of the 40,000 versions is not known, the 350 kW DC fast charge is good news for agile feeding anyway.


The WT can be loaded with 1,200 pounds of cargo and can tow 8,000 pounds, but it will have a heavier version of the fleet, and at an extra cost a 10.2 kW power source can be conjured up from the standard equipment. The pinnacle will be the 665-horsepower RST, also with a range of 400 miles in top form. RST First Edition will open at $ 105,000 in front of extra loads from the fall of 2023, offer power to appliances and other electric cars by default, weigh £ 1,300, tow 8,000 pounds, have 664 horsepower and accelerate from 0 to 60 m / h in 4.5 seconds .


At the heart of the onboard system is a 17 “LCD infotainment panel, plus an information display right in front of the driver. The Silverado EV will be equipped with cameras and sensors for Super Cruise driving assistance, up to 200,000 km of US and on a Canadian road Adaptive suspension and twin-engine front and rear-wheel drive are a must-have, and the clever trick is that by lowering the rear seats, the platform can be extended so that even a kayak can fit in the back.


With this, Chevrolet signals that the pickup will be suitable for recreation, adventure and family or outings in addition to work, and it is quite likely that demand will be greater than supply for years to come. A serious question is how fast GM can speed up production in the absence of chips and batteries, and whether a fast-charging network with sufficient density will be built.

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