The Renault Austral, first cousin of the Nissan Qashqai, reveals its compact SUV silhouette weeks before its presentation

This is already a tradition. Before fully unveiling a model, the brand presents it a couple of months before, but wearing camouflage. Renault is not far behind and publishes the first official photos of the new Renault austral. With camouflage, of course

Thus, after the first official photo of the car in which only its name was seen, Austral, the new compact SUV from Renault can be seen again. The substitute for Renault Kadjar It appears full of vinyl psychedelic drawings that ingeniously show the new logo of the brand. Although they do not reveal the details of their physiognomy, the camouflage cannot hide the obvious. Austral is a first cousin of the current Nissan Qashqai.

In fact, these first images are for Renault the opportunity to announce a platform named CMF-CD3, as well as a range consisting exclusively of electrified gasoline engines, most of them new.

It will only be available with hybrid engines

Renault Austral 2022 camouflaged

The range will consist of a block 1.2 E-Tech Hybrid new generation, an engine 1.3 TCe mild-hybrid 12V (which equips the Nissan Qashqai in 140 hp and 158 hp versions) and the new 3-cylinder 1.2 TCe mild-hybrid de 48VThe Austral being the first Renault to equip it.

The manufacturer has announced homologated emissions of COE of 105 g / km for the E-Tech engine in the WLTP cycle (although currently the car is still in tests) and a power of up to 200 hp. Later, a plug-in hybrid version with the same mechanics as the Renault Capture E-TECH PHEV y el Renault Mégane E-Tech plug-in hybrid.

Renault Austral 2022 camouflaged

The system consists of a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder engine for 91 hp that is associated with two electric motors, one with 53 kW (72 hp) and the other with 23 kW (31 hp), and an ion battery of 9.8 kWh lithium. The total power is 162 hp.

Before its official presentation in spring and its subsequent launch, the Renault Austral will enter the testing phase of “confirmation runs”, That is to say, accumulate kilometers and check that everything is as defined before starting mass production.

Renault Austral 2022 camouflaged

In practice, a fleet of about 100 vehicles will travel 2 million kilometers. It will visit France, Spain, Germany and Romania to, according to Renault, verify the validity of the validations previously carried out. The Renault brand indicates that 900 drivers will travel 600,000 km in real situations on open roads, while another 1,400,000 km will be traveled on the circuit.

These tests will be an opportunity to validate, in real life, the choice of settings for the new CMF-CD3 platform, driving aids, soundproofing and suspension comfort.

The Austral comes to replace the Kadjar, a car that could never escape the shadow of the Nissan Qashqai and had a somewhat subdued commercial career. Renault trusts that on this occasion, the Austral will know the path of success.

The Renault Austral will be on sale from June 2022 in Spain, the first market it will reach. And it is that the Austral, like the Kadjar, is will manufacture in Palencia. In the rest of the markets, including France, the Austral will arrive from September.

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