These headphones store and play children’s favorite stories

Onanoff has presented an interesting proposal at CES 2022 with a device designed for children.

A headset that allows children to choose their favorite story to listen to it as if it were an audiobook, without the need to connect to any extra device.

Headphones with Disney stories for the little ones

StoryPhone is called this proposal that offers an interesting dynamic for the little ones. At first glance, they are just wireless headphones with an attractive design for children. However, they have much more to offer.

These headphones allow you to implement a system for children to listen to their favorite stories without having to connect them to another device. The dynamic he proposes is simple. Headphones only have to go through an initial setup by connecting to an adult’s mobile via Bluetooth.

Once this step is done, the headphones can now be connected directly to the home WiFi to start the ‘story system’. How does it work? The headphones are accompanied by some small discs, as you can see in the image, that have a different story or story.

So the little one just has to choose the disk that corresponds to the story he wants to listen to and attach it to the headset. When you do this, the headphones automatically connect to the WiFi to download the history to its memory. And once the process is over, you are disconnected from the internet.

So just by keeping the disc of the story in the headphones, the child will be able to listen to the story from the headphones. No need to connect to any device or have internet. Following this dynamic, you can have about 90 minutes of audio loaded, since it integrates a 64 MB memory.

Thanks to a partnership with Disney, discs or “StoryShield” with classic and modern tales will be available. But you can also request other types of content, for example, parents can record themselves reading their children’s favorite stories.

You can see more details of this proposal on the website of Onanoff.

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