This is how Razer wants your next desktop to be: modular and customizable

Razer introduced Project Sophia, a modular and customizable desktop concept that you can adapt to your needs.

So if you are tired of having the same desk for work, your leisure sessions or Twitch transmissions, you will be interested in knowing this proposal.

A modular and customizable desk

Razer wants you to have a desk that can keep up with the demands of your daily activities, and you don’t have to settle for the same workspace for everything. And for this, with Project Sophia it offers you a modular and customizable desk.

As the team of Razer, this desk has support for 13 independent modules that will allow you to create multiple configurations to create different workspaces. For example,

Streamers can transform Project Sophia into a full broadcast setup with camera, microphone, and broadcast control, while those looking for a more efficient work environment can multitask effectively and comfortably with a hotkey module from productivity

So without leaving your place, you can create completely different work desks just by configuring the modules. So you can go from a conventional workspace to a recording space for your Twitch broadcasts in a few seconds.

Of course, it is not just about components that move from here to there, but there is hardware and technology behind this concept:

At the heart of Project Sophia is a custom PCB equipped with cutting-edge core components, including the latest Intel processor and NVIDIA GPU to support the most resource-intensive tasks.

And without forgetting to mention that a 65-inch OLED screen is integrated. As the idea revolves around customizing the workspace in the shortest possible time, the components adhere magnetically, so changing them will not be a problem.

At the moment, it is a prototype, so it will be necessary to see if Razer decides to turn it into a product that is launched on the market in the future.

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