With Equinox EV, General Motors would become the market leader

By 2025, it would be ahead of Tesla in America, an eye-catching crossover could be the key.


General Motors has a very serious visit to CES 2022: the goal for the United States by 2025 to become the market leader in electric cars to become. The leading role Joe Biden already last year anyway anticipated, forgetting one another about the US brand in the quarter in which the The case of Chevy Bolt due to GM total 26 pieces sold an electric car – about twelve thousand times Less at the market leader.


General Motors and its brands, on the other hand, are also taking serious steps toward the goal in terms of platform, battery technology (Ultium) and driving assistance (Super Cruise). Equinox EV it will be an eye-catching crossover SUV that could easily become popular if they can make enough of it.


The specifications for the Equinox EV, promised by the end of 2023 and available in the LT and RS versions, are not yet known, so nothing is known about the range, performance or charge rate of the base and top kits, but the exterior and interior are already admirable. Received even less information from Blazer EV, although in a good year, the delivery is expected to start in the spring of 2023. In any case, next year could be when GM’s electric car production lines start to really spin up.

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