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You can buy a cheap Midea robot vacuum cleaner at Gshopper

In order to prove that they have very good prices, we would like to present a coupon promotion to the big one right away. Of course, the merit is not the editorial staff, but Gshopper was so kind that he gave us such a coupon, and the product is nothing more than Midea M7 robot vacuum cleaner. We have already introduced the device several times, maybe Article and Geekbuyingon also buy, but Gshopper has now nicely bargained for these competitors.

The vacuum cleaner It has a suction power of 4000 Pa, and is a very modern construction. With LIDAR sensor it surveys the terrain and thus makes a detailed map of the apartment (even on several levels). Of course, the suction power is so great that it sucks well even at lower power, where the operating time is outdated. It can save up to 160 minutes on a single chargeand obviously he does everything on his own: he starts, cleans and docks. In the app you have to time when you work and we can enjoy our freedom in the meantime. It also has a wipe function, equipped with an electronic pump, you can set how much water to use. We can set him how to clean for each room, so you can tell, say, to vacuum and wash in the kitchen every day, while you only put your “feet” in the working room on weekends.

Manages virtual walls and no-go zones, so we can fence away from it areas that will then be bypassed. This way, it can be eliminated by tearing apart the child’s leftover LEGO or chargers and other strings tangled with sloppy elegance in the corner that no member of the family is willing to put in order.

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