After the holidays, you will definitely need the Huawei Scale 2 connected scale at -69%!

After the holidays, make way for good resolutions! Track your weight using the Huawei Scale 2, a connected scale that will revolutionize your daily life.

Did you make a few small differences during the end-of-year meals? It’s time to get back on the right track and resume eating well as well as exercising (yes, it’s hard!). And to keep track of your daily efforts, we can only recommend the use of a connected scale. The latter will allow you to follow your weight, but also, the different elements of your body thanks to impedance sensors (fat, bones, water, etc.).

Are you several under the same roof? Don’t panic, each of you will have the right to your profile so as not to sow discord in your body monitoring. If that’s what you’re looking for, know that we have a great deal for you! The Huawei Scale 2 scale on sale at the retailer Cdiscount for € 12.99 instead of € 42.33, i.e. a superb reduction of € 29.34.

Take advantage of the offer on CDiscount

The Huawei Scale 2 will help you achieve perfect weight tracking

Connected scales are popular with many consumers for their ease of use, but also the ability to measure body fat, bone weight, body water, and more. other measures. In addition to that, they allow people of one and the same household to be able to follow their own curve thanks to the connected features, such as those integrated in this Huawei Scale 2.

Once paired and the profile created (10 profiles can be created), all you have to do is take advantage of the various features of the Huawei Scale 2. Moreover, thanks to your diligence, and thanks to this connected scale, your goals will be much easier to achieve. As a reminder, the Scale 2 from Huawei is currently on sale at the reseller Cdiscount at a price of 12.99 € instead of € 42.33, i.e. a nice reduction of € 29.34.

Take advantage of the offer on CDiscount

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