BMW unveiled a car that changes color at the push of a button

An interesting car project was presented by BMW at CES 2022. It is the BMW iX Flow, a vehicle that can change its appearance digitally.

The body of this car is laminated with a film that uses a technology similar to that of electronic paper screens, allowing you to change the color of the car with the push of a button.

BMW’s color-changing car unveiled at CES 2022

The BMW iX Flow is a pioneering project in its area, concretely presenting for the first time the possibility of customizing a car in such a radical way.

The covering of the body of the car has an electrophoretic film that contains microcapsules the diameter of a human hair, according to report the same German company. Each capsule contains white, black or different colored particles, which become visible when a discharge of energy is applied to them. This gives rise to what is known as an electronic paper screen, a technology known today mainly thanks to electronic book readers.

During your recent presentation at CES 2022, BMW referred to this project Stella Clarke, project leader BMW iX Flow with electronic ink. During the video demonstration of the technology, he said it will allow drivers the opportunity to better personalize their vehicle. «You choose the clothes you wear. You choose your social media status. And you can choose the color of your car »he commented.

“In the future, digital experiences will not only take place on screens. The real and the virtual will merge more and more »Frank Weber, a member of the board of directors of BMW AG, commented in a release. “With the BMW iX Flow, we are bringing the car body to life”added.

Outside of the aesthetic purposes with which this feature can be used, to align with certain moods, specific seasons or special events, it can also be useful for other cases, such as locating the car in the middle of a full parking lot, for example .

The start-up time for this technology is uncertain, as BMW has not yet spoken of specific deadlines. However, beyond the audiovisual introduction made, the presence of a prototype at CES this year is a valuable precedent to foresee that we will hear news about this initiative again later, no matter how long it takes.

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