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Luxury car maker: Aston Martin misses profit target

The British luxury car maker Aston Martin will miss its profit target for the past year by around 15 million pounds (18 million euros), according to the announcement. This is due, among other things, to difficulties with the delivery of the Valkyrie hypercar in the fourth quarter. Aston Martin said it had only handed over ten examples of the 2.5 million pound car to customers during the period – fewer than planned.

Executive Chairman Lawrence Stroll said, according to the Guardian, with Valkyrie, his takeover consortium “inherited” a “challenging” project. The profits from the sale of the hypercar should make themselves felt in the balance sheet in the next two years.

Better brand visibility through Formula 1

Of the luxury SUV DBX – the manufacturer’s great hope – 3001 copies were sold in the past year. Overall, Aston Martin is doing better in its core business than it has been for a long time, according to Stroll.

He also cited the involvement in Formula 1 as a reason, which has increased the visibility of the brand. Overall, the manufacturer is well on the way to reaching its goal of two billion pounds of revenue and 500 million pounds of adjusted profit by 2024/25. (mer)

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