Razer equips its Zephyr Pro goggle with a vocal amplifier

Abandoned during CES 2021, the vocal amplifier finally made its arrival on Razer’s Zephyr goggles, through an ambitious Pro version.

Remember at CES 2021, Razer presented Zephyr to the general public – back then known as Hazel project, a protective mask capable ofamplify the wearer’s voice thanks to integrated speakers. The idea seemed promising, but the brand had finally abandoned the concept because of the too heavy weight of the battery linked to the voice amplifiers. Launched last October without amplifiers, the Zephyr had quickly fallen victim to its success, to the point of bringing joy to unscrupulous scalpers.

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Amps are coming, but they come at a price

A year later, the brand seems to have learned from its failures. It is finally during the CES 2022 that Razer has unveiled its Zephyr Pro, a new iteration in all respects identical to its predecessor, but this time indeed equipped with voice amplifiers. In addition to l’effet RGB Chroma, there are thus two speaker grilles on either side of its lower filters, as well as a button intended to activate or deactivate the functionality. In a press release, the brand promises to amplify the voice of its wearer up to 60 decibels, over a range of about one meter.

To succeed in miniaturizing the battery of its speakers, Razer simply decided to pay the price. While the first Zephyr of the name was marketed under the $ 100 mark, you will now have to pay € 149.99 to hope to afford the Zephyr Pro when it comes out, scheduled for later in the year. A bundle including the mask and 99 days of N95 filters will also be available for $ 199.99.

At this price promises Razer, theThe weight of the Zephyr Pro will not exceed that of the original model, which peaked at 206.1 grams. Asked by The Verge, Will Powers, public relations manager of Razer in the United States, indicated that the operation had been made possible in particular by the laser cutting of the speaker grilles. On the autonomy side, it will take up to 6 hours of continuous use promises the brand, provided you turn off the amplifier when you are not speaking.

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