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The winnings accumulated last year will be the prizes, a whole lot has been gathered.

Most recently, together with Earfun, we were able to butter a sweepstakes that became much more popular than we expected, even though the prize was “just” a few headsets. Well, we have a lot of headsets, so we tossed them in the deck nicely, added a push-button Nokia, a watch, and a very exclusive ASUS ROG skateboard, so there were a total of seven prizes, plus a free bonus to the hat tip. And regular readers in principle know what a hat tip is.


This game hopefully it will be just as fun as the last one, where there were finally 76 left before the draw, so many readers knew all the correct answers. Even now, we put the questions together in such a way that it is likely that only the most determined core members will have the enthusiasm to persevere until the end, we will start loosely, and then, as before, we can find the answers to every question. a clear and correct decipherment if one is cleverly searching and is end-to-end aware of when, where, and pretty much what we did.


Honestly, we also enjoy these games, especially the related forum topic a lot of fun posts are made, and in many cases we have designed the questions to reflect on recent events that are fun for us, whether we can recall a memory or two, or re-read a better post, or re-watch a previous video. There will be around 20 questions, so the last puzzle will come out on January 26th, after that there are 3 more days to check and think through everything, and then we close January, which with this game we try to make it less boring, gloomy and gray.

We wish everyone good luck, a good search, a pleasant stay and of course at least one hat!

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