The Citroën Berlingo, Peugeot Rifter and Opel Combo Life are now only available in an electric version

The range of Citroën Berlingo, Opel Combo Life and Peugeot Rifter has been drastically reduced to 2022 to a single motorization: electric 100 kW (136 hp). Without making a lot of noise, Stellantis has decided to dispense with the 1.2 PureTech (gasoline) and 1.5 Blue HDi (diesel) engines, although in Spain the offer was already focused solely on the engine diesel.

If you were thinking of buying one of these minivans made in Vigo, you will have to choose the electrical variants ë-Berlingo, Combo-e Life y e-Rifter. This measure does not affect its commercial or industrial versions.

This decision is not due to the lack of success of these engines, on the contrary, but simply because of the European regulations on the reduction of CO₂ emissions, known as CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) and that affects all three brands.

The CAFE program requires each manufacturer to reduce its average carbon dioxide emissions each year. Failure to do so would face heavy fines. And if we add to that the microchip crisis Overly delaying the production of many models, Stellantis has apparently decided to take a radical step.

CO₂ emissions too high for the group average

In general, manufacturers have been prioritizing the production and delivery of electrified models. For this reason, by 2022, the Stellantis group has chosen to sacrifice its trio of minivans, whose CO₂ emissions were not the best of the group.

Peugeot Rifter

For example, a Citroën Berlingo Blue HDI 130 hp has emissions of COE of 137 g / km with the short body (Size M, 4.40 m) and 140 g / km with the long chassis (Size XL, 4.75 m long), while a Citroën C5 Aircross (4.50 m long) with the same diesel engine certifies 130 g / km of CO₂.

The same occurs with the Peugeot Rifter, which with an equivalent motorization homologates more emissions than a Peugeot 3008. Thus, Peugeot has decided Dispense with the diesel versions of the Rifter and sell only the electric version e-Rifter in Europe. And it is a decision that also affects the Peugeot Traveler, which is only available in an electric version.

With capacity for 5 or up to 7 passengers, the Peugeot e-Rifter is equipped with a 100 kW (136 hp) electric motor and a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery that allows a range of up to 280 km (according to the WLTP cycle ).

Peugeot Traveller

Peugeot Traveller

Regarding the Peugeot e-Traveller, is available in three body lengths and with the possibility of choosing between two 50 and 75 kWh batteries that power the 100 kW (136 hp) electric motor, allowing up to 9 people to be transported in great comfort and with a range of up to 330 km (WLTP cycle) with the 75 kWh battery.

The Opel Combo LifeFor its part, it will also cease to be sold with an internal combustion engine and as of 2022 it will only be available in an electric version.

However the Proace City VersoThe Toyota version of these three models will continue to be available with a diesel engine. The Japanese brand, thanks to its hybrid sales, appears to have a greater margin of maneuver to meet its CO₂ targets.

Some much more expensive models

Citroën eBerlingo

Prioritizing sales of electric vehicles can be beneficial for the group’s emissions average, but perhaps not so much for its sales. On the one hand, the versions electric are much more expensive than diesel versions. In the case of the Citroën Berlingo Size M, the range went from 24,000 euros to 29,000 euros. In electric version, the ë-Berlingo 2022, part of the 30,684 euros to 34,000 euros.

On the other hand, the electric version might not be fully adapted to the needs of the public of a Berlingo or Rifter, an essentially family-oriented public that also uses the car for leisure and not only for daily commutes. With one ahomologated autonomy of only 280 km, the electric versions are far from being the ideal car for family vacations.

It should be emphasized that commercial versions intended for professionals of these three models, Berlingo, Rifter and Combo Life, will continue to be available with a diesel engine, plus an electric version.

Finally, the measure also affects the versions for individuals of the big vans of the Stellantis group. Thus, Citroën Jumpy, Peugeot Traveler and Opel Zafira Combo Life will only be available in electric versions as of this year.

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