The Hennessey Venom F5 is on fire! Or how to turn a power bank into a barbecue with 1,842 hp

It seems that in this 2022 the battle for speed will return to take the leading role that it once held. Brands like Koenigsegg o Pagani are already preparing their next proposals, with their eyes fixed on the last known frontier: 500 km / h.

That appointment will not miss Hennessey, who are already working full time on the production of their Venom F5. But, while they are finishing each of the 23 units that they still have to deliver to their customers, they have allowed themselves the luxury of putting one of their prototypes in a power bank. And the result has been – to say the least – ‘hot’.

The noise, the fury … and the fire

In the latest video that the firm has shared on YouTube, the technicians perform several full throttles, proudly displaying not only the roar of the V8 biturbo – dubbed ‘Fury’ – but also its ability to eject. flames up to 15 cm for their leaks.

Something that is not surprising yeah we review its characteristics. Derived from the legendary General Motors LS block – the same one you might find in a Corvette-, increases its cubic capacity to 6.6 liters. And, with the help of its two ‘conches’, it reaches the chilling power of 1.842 CV.

But what is truly impressive are the 8.000 RPM to which he manages to completely surrender all this ‘cavalry’. A figure that contrasts with the usual in this mechanical configuration, where the power band usually runs between 5,000 and 6,500 RPM. This is the case, for example, in the case of the current Ford Mustang GT.

Be that as it may, the Venom F5 is a machine that promises unique sensations. Of course, with limits: lacking airbags, the US government cannot grant you full approval.

Consequently their owners they will have to register it as an exhibition vehicle, which will prevent them from traveling more than 4,000 km a year on roads open to traffic. And that, after having spent 2.1 million dollars for him.

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