Trump’s new social network could launch in February

When this week has been the first anniversary of the assault on the Capitol and everything that has triggered since then, including the exclusion of the former president of the US government from the main social networks, especially on Twitter, where Donald Trump used to make his statements , and knowing that the former US president was developing his own social network through Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), Trump’s new company run by former US representative Devin Nunes, we now know more information about the new social network.

And it is that the Apple App Store has just shown in the TRUTH Social tab that it will be officially launched on February 21Although there are still many unknowns, such as whether access will be by invitation or not, or whether it will also be available for other platforms such as Android and the web.

But the most shocking are the screenshots of the TRUTH Social application for iOS, which clearly remind us of Twitter, or is it the same, in a way it is a clone of Twitter, with the exception that the publications are renamed “truth”, and retweets are renamed “re-truth”, among some other differences that we may see at the time of its launch, since at the moment, it does not exist any information on the official website of TRUTH Social.

As we pointed out, at the moment it is a app that is in beta for guests only, and that on the web you can add yourself to the waiting list to be able to receive the corresponding invitation to be part of this new bet with which the former president of the United States government wants to deal with Facebook and Twitter, among other.

In this regard, It will be Rumble, the rival video hosting platform to YouTube, which will provide TRUTH Social technology support for video sharing and live streaming. What is not known is what will finally happen, taking into account that the new social network has been based on the Mastodon source code.

Mastodon already stated last October that the new social network violates the software license, since TRUTH Social claimed to be proprietary code and for not sharing the source code, although the subsequent missive sent from Mastodon asking Truth Social Legal Director to share the code got TRUTH Social to include a new “Open Source” in the web.

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