YouTube and full Google Assistant integration will be available

The cars equipped with the operating system Android Automotive OS there are not many, but some of Volvo are among them. And, now, the Scandinavian brand has just announced that the suckers that have this software will have integrated also the YouTube video platform.

It is a new step in the marriage between tech giant Google and VolvoYouTube being the first video platform available in the brand’s cars.

It can be downloaded to these cars through Google Play, because cars with Android Automotive have integrated access to this app download platform as if it were a smartphone.

And this new available app is not the only novelty for these Volvo cars: the manufacturer has also announced the full integration of Google assistant from mobile or home devices that have this function, in such a way that remote actions of the car can be carried out from them.

Only when the car is completely stopped

YouTube on Volvo cars with Android Automotive

The brand makes it clear that while this will allow watch streaming videos on Volvo cars, it should only be done with the vehicle completely stopped. And this does not include arrests, for example, in a traffic jam.

Although they do not indicate whether to avoid it the car will detect if it is in motion preventing the reproduction in motion, or else they are simply entrusted to the responsibility of the drivers.

Be that as it may, they indicate that for example it may be a good option for make recharging in electric cars more enjoyable, What the Volvo XC40 Recharge, which is one of the cars of the brand that enjoys the Google operating system. Not surprisingly, the waiting time is much higher than that of a combustion vehicle.

The brand points out that at the stops to charge the battery, you can take advantage of this long pause to watch live broadcasts, news or programs, or any video that the driver likes and that is available on YouTube.

Volvo XC40 Recharge 2021

Although it can also be applied to combustion models, as it is also good medicine for other waits, for example if we are parked waiting for someone or detained waiting for an order in a ‘drive-thru’. In short, as long as we have to wait in the car but we are not in circulation.

Remember that Volvo models also have unlimited data, although this varies by market, so the enjoyment of streaming videos will always be possible, since videos are usually large “gluttons” of data.

“Giving our customers the ability to watch videos while the vehicle is recharging or while they wait for the children to leave school is part of our promise to make their lives better and more enjoyable,” boasts Henrik Green, Volvo Product Manager Cars.

And is that other apps will also arrive later, such as Sygic and Flitsmeister GPS navigation, those dedicated to charging electric vehicles, Hargepoint and Plugshare, or others that help find parking spaces such as SpotHero and ParkWhiz.

Ok Google: turn on the car heater

Volvo and the integrated Google Assistant from mobile devices and Google speakers

Similarly, Volvo has also announced the full Google Assistant integration in its models with Android Automotive and with those devices that have this functionality.

That is, from a Android mobile device, either a phone or a tablet, that has the Google Assistant activated, as well as a google smart speaker, they may control different vehicle functions remotely such as pre-climate control, closing doors and windows, checking the status of the vehicle or programming charging if it is a plug-in.

“Volvo Car Group was the first to introduce Google technology and services in our vehicles and now we want to be the first to also fully integrate them with Google Assistant compatible devices“, explica Green.

Volvo and the integrated Google Assistant from mobile devices and Google speakers

“This integration will allow us to significantly improve the customer experience by offering them the possibility of managing their vehicle easily and safely, while they are at home or on the road, through any personal device that includes the Google Assistant“.

This functionality will be available “in the coming months” in those cars that have the Android operating system, but it will also be necessary for your mobile phone or tablet to have the Google Assistant.

Volvo cars that incorporate Android Automotive OS are the Volvo XC40 and its 100% electric version Recharge, as well as the new deliveries of the XC60, the S90 and V90.

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