betrayal and disgrace in the Ozark season 4 program

The series returns for a fourth and final season, which promises many twists and a conclusion in the sky.

It is one of the biggest successes of Netflix. Ozark with Jason Bateman and Laura Linney is about to bow out, but not before we have traumatized us one last time. This fourth and final season will be divided into two parts, and the first episodes will land in a fortnight. To properly promote this last round of track, Netflix is ​​multiplying the extracts and trailers, like the one shared by the platform yesterday.

We find the Byrde family while Helen Pierce was killed by Omar Navarro. Now in a position of strength within the cartel, Marty and Wendy are offered the head of the criminal organization. Omar wants to retire, and it is to the seemingly mundane couple that he offers the opportunity to take over the business. The FBI is not far away, and the little family is in danger more than ever.

“The greatest threat will always come from within”, it is now clear that betrayal will be at the heart of the story. It remains to be seen if this latest burst of episodes will live up to the expectations of viewers.

Part 2 not yet announced

To end the journey initiated in 2017, Netflix intends to take its time. It will therefore be a question of unveiling a few episodes before the grand finale which should land later this year. Part 2 which does not have a release date for the moment, the spectators will undoubtedly have to take their troubles patiently. We can bet that the game is undoubtedly worth the candle.

In the casting, we obviously find Jason Bateman (How to kill your boss?) et Laura Linney (The Truman Show) in the shoes of the couple. They will once again give the answer to Sofia Hublitz and Skylar Gaertner who camp respectively Charlotte and Jonah Byrde. Behind the camera, we can also hope to find Jason Bateman, who had already signed several episodes from previous seasons.

See you on January the 21st on Netflix to discover season 4 of Ozark.

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