From solar electric car to hydrogen vigilant drone

The Las Vegas CES 2022 It has arrived brimming with news, and this year the pandemic has forced to cut calendar days. One of the appearances that have given the most to talk about at the technology fair has been the BMW car that changes color on demand, but a good handful of Award-winning innovations bring us even closer to a sustainable future.

Hydrogen powered inspection drones, Lightyear’s very expensive solar car o non-flammable graphene batteries are some of this year’s winners.

Lightyear’s solar electric car

Lightyear One 1

The solar electric car Lightyear One landed on the market a couple of years ago announcing 725 km of electric autonomy obtained largely from a renewable energy source that is as simple to see as it is complicated to produce for automotive uses: sunlight.

The creators of this CES award-winning vehicle promise that, thanks to photovoltaic cells, the model can receive an extra 72 km of range on a sunny day.

An exclusive series of 946 units of the Lightyear One will go into production in the first half of 2022, they say, while will address mass production from 2024.

But it won’t be cheap. This five-seater solar car starts from the 150.000 euros.

Non-flammable graphene batteries, “God’s stuff”

Nanotech Energy Non Flammable Organolyte Battery 1116355

Nanotech Energy has positioned itself as one of the few – if not the only – producers of non-flammable batteries graphene-based in the market.

As the company promises, the new proprietary electrolyte, called Organolyte, is not only stable, it is also made from inexpensive materials, easy to manufacture, and non-flammable.

Baptized as “the material of God”, graphene promises a longer shelf life, higher energy and power density than lithium-ion, and has already been tested up to to pave roads.

Production of hydrogen from plastics

Hydrogen Production Through Pyrolysis Of Waste Plastics 1113558

The Doosan company has developed a new technology that allows convert waste plastics into hydrogen. How? Through continuous pyrolysis. As they explain, pyrolysis gas composed of various hydrocarbons generated through pyrolysis can be used to produce hydrogen through a single reformer.

The generated hydrogen can be used in hydrogen stations, fuel cells and hydrogen power plants.

An inspection drone for solar panels that flies thanks to the fuel cell

Solar Inspection Solution By Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drone 1116430

Doosan has also been recognized at CES for its vigilant drone: powered by hydrogen fuel cell, its function is to inspect renewable energy infrastructures, such as solar panels.

The key to this solution is hydrogen technology PEMFC (Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells). The drone can fly for more than two hours and allows detailed photographs of hundreds of thousands of solar panels to be taken, even monitoring a 12 MW solar farm.

Data is collected and sent to artificial intelligence-based software via a cloud server, and defects are automatically detected through machine learning, converted into reports, and sent to clients.

The Fuel Conversion Device for Boats

Gsa Marine 1114163

Green Systems Automotives wanted to address the problem of pollution from vessels (such as motorboats with outboard motors and marine scooters) that run on heat engines.

He has done it through a fuel conversion device that uses biofuel instead of conventional gasoline or diesel, turning a conventional boat into one without emissions.

A hydrogen converter for construction machinery

Hydrogen Production Through Pyrolysis Of Waste Plastics 1113558

And from the sea to the land. The UMS Zero Emission Kit promises a fast and efficient solution for convert diesel-powered construction machinery into clean, quiet machines.

This concept can not only be applied to new vehicles, but can also be used to modernize the millions of excavators, cranes, etc. that are already used today, giving them a new useful life without direct polluting emissions.

At the moment it seems that it has convinced and the technology has been adopted by all kinds of companies in the construction industry, both for new and old vehicles.

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