Google Drive has a new dynamic to help you organize your files

If you are one of those who save the same file in different locations in Google Drive, you will soon find yourself with a new dynamic.

Drive implements a new system that will help you organize your duplicate files, without having to give up having the same item in different locations.

New Drive system replaces duplicate files with shortcuts

Instead of having the same file taking up space in different locations, Google Drive proposes you to use shortcuts. That is, your file will be located in one place (for example, a work folder) and in the rest of the locations where you want to have it visible, you will only see a shortcut that will direct you to the original.

This is a dynamic that Drive will be implemented automatically to replace them with shortcuts. The idea is that your workspace is organized and easy to use. And if you want to implement this system for the new files that you save in your Drive account, you only need to use the option «Add direct access to Drive».

An option that you will find using the context menu, clicking with the right mouse button on the file. Once you choose this option, you just need to choose the location where the shortcut of your file will go.

Another simple way to create a shortcut is by using the Shift + Z keys, and then it only remains to follow the same steps we mentioned before. Of course, this new system will not change anything about the file, so all the permissions, sharing and other settings that the user has applied to the original will be preserved.

This change in the way of organizing files in Google Drive will be implemented in both Google Workspace user accounts and personal Google accounts.

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