How to Factory Reset an iPhone and Delete All Data

All mobiles, whatever their brand, have almost identical reset functions to their original functions, and this of course also includes Apple devices, that is, iPhones.

Of course, this is an option that is practically used alone in case you sell, give or simply change your mobile, after you make all your necessary backups so as not to lose your information, of course.

This is a practice that can also be useful in case you want to start from scratch and eliminate all the information that you do not need. Whatever the case, if you want to reset your iPhone so that it is like new and without any information about you, You should keep reading because today we will teach you how to do it.

This is how you can do a factory reset on an iPhone

First of all, what you must do for this is enter Setting on your iPhone and find the section General, which is first in the third tool block. Then go down to the last and click on the tab that says Transfer or reset iPhone.

Once you have reached this point, you will be faced with three different options: Prepare your new iPhone, Restore Y Clear content and settings. As for the first one, you can press it if you want to transfer all your information and backups.

iphone from scratch

You can also click on the last option if that suits you, but since we only seek to restore only the mobile to its factory functions, click on the second option. Finish the process and wait a few minutes while the device resets.

After all this, the mobile will turn on as if it had just come out of its box (this in terms of its internal information of course), and you can give it to its next owner to configure it with total certainty that you will not find anything of yours there. Now that you know all this, can you reset iPhone phones yourself?

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