How to give a mobile phone a second chance as a home automation control center

An alternative to the acquisition of new smart screens is presented by Domethics with its new Adriano base for mobile devices, which allow users to give a second chance to mobiles and tablets that have become somewhat old, allowing to turn the whole into the center of home automation management.

Adriano will allow the mobile or tablet to be housed both horizontally and vertically, also having its own battery and support for 4G / 5G connectivity, allowing it to be taken anywhere, and facilitating user interaction with the set through the camera, by voice, or even gestures, but also through the complementary mobile application.

This device is also compatible with the ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wifi and Bluetooth 5.0 home automation standards, although we can assume that in the future it will also become compatible with the new interoperable standard. Matter.

Given its characteristics, users will be able to do things like:

Power management, telemedicine and home security – everything can be controlled in one place, giving your old devices a second chance!

Indeed, as can happen with smart screens, Adriano’s set with mobile or tablet can also become a security camera, one of the things that are most often cited when naming the possibilities that an old mobile phone can offer instead of being discarded.

The possibilities go further when combined with other Domethics devices, such as the Van Life Kit to sync Adriano with a smoke sensor, a door sensor, a leak sensor and a siren, or with the clock-based health kit. Smart S1MPLO 01 for telemedicine functions.

At Domethics we enable anyone in the world to access the broadest and most sustainable ecosystem of smart home products and services.

Those interested can find Adriano in the collective financing campaign that Domethics has in Kickstarter, having already doubled the financing goal set, remaining even more than 27 days in the campaign.

Users will be able to choose their Adriano units together with the additional kits through the different rewards existing in the campaign, all of which are available for the moment. Shipments are scheduled to take place next May.

Link: Adriano and Kickstarter

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