How to install the new Windows 11 media player

A few months ago, the Microsoft team showed a preview of the new app to listen to music on a Windows 11 computer. A new Media Player that will replace the current Groove Music.

A preview that is only available to users who are in some of the Insiders programs, but it is already possible to implement it in the stable version of Windows 11.

How to install the new Media Player in Windows 11

The new Media Player wants to offer an experience more in line with the style of Windows 11, more visual and with functions that are always at hand. Music collections, album covers, and artist images are given higher priority, so it doesn’t feel like a simple player running in the background.

And if you have all your music organized in Groove Music you should not worry, since your library will automatically migrate to Media Player, according to the Microsoft team. Although it has been in the Insider program for months, they have not yet mentioned when it will be officially extended to be part of Windows 11.

However, there is a way to test the dynamics of Media Player now, as mentioned in ghacks. Yes, you can install Media Player on your Windows 11 following the steps detailed on that website. One detail that you should keep in mind is that if you carry out this procedure, you will permanently delete Groove Music. And the process of migrating your music from Groove Music may not work.

And of course, you should carefully follow each step that is mentioned so as not to create any conflict. So if you’re curious about how the new Media Player works, and you don’t want to wait for its official launch, you can go to this link and follow the steps to install it in Windows 11.

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